24/7 Communications Center: (410) 375-6915

Our new Communications Center opened May 12, 2018, and we LOVE it!

State-of-the-Art brand new Communications Center.

In May of 2018, we opened our new, State-of-the-Art Communications Center at our new office in Towson, MD. Our office was designed by Justin Rine and we just love it. All new computers, a new copy machine, three televisions to display important information, all new storage & filing cabinets and ergonomic cubicles & chairs for all of our Communications & Billing team members.

In addition, we added RFID door locks to our doors in an effort to protect all of the protected health information we have. We take your privacy very seriously! We also have a training course that all of our billing & communications staff must attend, and designated receptacles for private & protected information paperwork. That receptacle is kept under lock-and-key, and is disposed of in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

Whether they be Customer Service Representatives, dispatchers, billing professionals, or “light duty” operations staff, you can rest assured that whether you call us at noon on a Thursday, or 3AM on Christmas Day, your call will be answered by a competent & useful customer service expert who will do his/her best to make certain you’re completely satisfied with our service.

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